Daniel and David are twin brothers who were born in Nigeria last year.

Every baby is different in its own way, but this couple has something that makes them stand out. In a very short time, they got a lot of followers on Instagram. What’s up? They are the same on the inside, but they look nothing alike.

See, Daniel was born with dark skin and hair, while his twin brother David was born with white skin and hair. It’s more of an amazing difference between the twins, and it’s something that catches your eye right away.

Their mother, Stacey, said, “We didn’t know about the difference between them while I was pregnant. The tests didn’t show anything like that, and it was a huge surprise and the most amazing moment when the first twin, Daniel, came out with black hair and the second twin, David, came out with yellow hair.”

“I had a caesarean to have them, so the doctors said, ‘It looks like you have twins who are nothing alike at all.'”

One in every 20,000 babies born in the world is albino. Albinism can cause health problems, like problems with your eyesight, but Stacey says David is fine.

The boys’ first birthday party was in March of last year, and the theme was minions.

Stacey said, “We made them an Instagram account because we think they have a story to tell and want to bring attention to it.”

She went on to say, “There are always fears, and people are always talking and looking at us. People want to know how and why this happened, and maybe because they are so cute, they just want to say hello.”

Stacey thinks that the best thing kids can give the world is knowledge about the subject. We don’t know what you think, but we think these twins are absolutely gorgeous.

Wow, Daniel and David are very special. In these hard times, the world needs to see such love and hope, so help us spread them.