Jamie Lee Curtis told us in two words what the secret was to her long marriage to Christopher Guest.
They don’t have a perfect life, but they are happy that they raised two kids they didn’t give birth to and are still together.
Christopher stayed with her even though she had a drug problem that she got over because she cared about her family.

Jamie Lee Curtis has done well in the movie business. She came from a famous family and learned the trade at a young age. She has been in the business for a long time. But that’s not the only part of her life where she does well.

She has been married to Christopher Guest for a long time as well. Even though their life hasn’t been perfect, they’ve been able to get through the hard times together and stay happy and in love.

Curtis and Guest have been married for 38 years now. They have also taken in two children through adoption, whom they raised together. They like being a family and spending time with their kids.
But Curtis says that there have been times in their marriage when she has thought about leaving. She said that if two people want to stay together for a long time, they shouldn’t break up. She thought:

“If you’re telling me that anyone who’s been married for a long time hasn’t thought, ‘I hate them, I want out,’ of course they have! I think the view will change if you stay on the bus long enough.”

She also said that she thought God should be a part of the marriage to help it work. She said that she and her husband have a “wonderful, complicated, imperfect life.” And a very real marriage,” she is happy to be with Guest and is not fooling herself about their marriage.
Once, the actress wrote a song for her husband in which she said that she felt safe when she got home and saw her husband’s car in the garage. She told him that it makes her feel better to know that she’s not alone and that he’s there with her.

She Saw Him in a Magazine

Even though Guest and Curtis’s love story is beautiful, it got off to a strange start in the spring of 1984. Curtis was 25 years old at the time, and he was visiting his friend, “Halloween” producer and co-writer Debra Hill.

Curtis was looking through the magazine “Rolling Stone” when she saw a picture of three men. She joked that she was going to marry the man on the far right of the picture by pointing to him.

Hill told Curtis that his name was Chris Guest and that she knew the person who ran his business. Curtis called his manager right away and told him to give Guest her phone number if he wanted to talk to her, but Guest never called.

She didn’t see him again until Curtis went to a restaurant called “Hugo’s” with some friends. He told her he was the man she had called, and she told him she was the one who had called him.

On July 2, 1984, they went on their first date. When they talked on the phone in September, Guest told Curtis that he had gone for a walk on Fifth Avenue. When she asked him what he did there, Guest told her:

“Do you like diamonds?”

He asked Curtis to marry him in this way, and they got married on December 18 of that year. In 1986, when they got Annie, it was the first time they added to their family. Ten years later, when Ruby was just a baby, they took her in.

What did they have to deal with after the wedding and the adoption?
Even though Curtis and Guest’s life together has been mostly great, they have had some problems, just like any other couple. Curtis was addicted to drugs for a while, but he started getting better in 1999.

The actress said that if she hadn’t gone to recovery, she wouldn’t be alive today. She also stopped acting for a while in the mid-1990s so she could raise her children.
Curtis said this about being a mother and how she felt about cutting back on her acting career so she could spend more time with her daughters:

“Now that I’m married and have a child, my life is a mix of wild and carefree and careful and cautious. It seems strange, but I’m very happy.”

She also said that she was happy to play smaller roles because she didn’t want her daughters to grow up without her. She said that she wanted to be a part of their lives as long as they would let her.
Now, both of her daughters are grown up, married, and doing well in their jobs. Ruby works as an editor for video games, and her sister teaches dance. What a lovely and unique family!