Frank Sinatra was the best jazz singer ever. No one else comes close. His unique style drew people in, and his voice has stood the test of time as one of the best in music history.

Frank Sinatra sings the classic song “Fly Me to the Moon” in this live black-and-white video from the Kiel Opera House in St. Louis. Frank was at the top of his fame and success when he did this show in 1965.

Before the song starts, there is a lot of applause for Frank. “Fly me to the moon,” he starts to sing. Allow me to play with the stars. Let me see how spring is on Mars and Jupiter. To put it another way, take my hand. In other words: “Kiss me, baby.”

He is wearing a tuxedo, and everyone can see his good-looking smile. Frank changes the rhythm of the song and switches around some words in a fun way.

During the instrumental break, he shouts to the whole jazz band behind him to keep going. He even acts like he’s filming the cameraman by making a motion with his hand.

Then Frank scats a little over the instruments and smiles at the crowd. He is completely in charge of the performance, and no one is better than him at what he does. He was the boss, so his nickname, “Chairman of the Board,” was a good one.

During his career, Frank has sold more than 150 million records. The song “Fly Me to the Moon” was on his album “It Might as Well be Swing” from 1964. During his long career, he also recorded this song a few more times. Fans of “Ol’ Blue Eyes” will enjoy seeing this footage of Frank at his best.