Love is not only bad, but also blind. When you feel this good, there are no rules or limits. We don’t think much about marriages where the ages of the partners are very different. But if one of the partners looks a certain way, the couple becomes the topic of conversation right away. Here are some very strange cases that will blow your mind.

After being alone for six years, Grace Gedler got married to herself.

The woman from Britain set up a wedding for 50 people. She said that she did what she did because she hadn’t dated anyone in six years and had decided she didn’t need men at all.

Kyle Jones, who is 31, and Marjorie McCool, who is 91…

They are often mistaken for a grandmother and a grandson. They started going out in 2009. Kyle admits that he has always been attracted to older women.

The world’s hairiest man and his wife

Yu Zhenghuan, a Chinese man who is 32 years old, has thick black hair that covers 96% of his body. Even so, he went ahead and got married. He has already started laser hair removal, which will get rid of some of his hair.

Verne Troyer and Genevieve Gallen

In 2004, actor Verne Troyer got married to Genevieve Gallen, who was a model for Playboy. The actor is 82 cm tall, while the model is 188 cm tall. When they decided to leave the next day, Troyer found out that the model had only married him for money.

Mangli Munda, an Indian, got married to a stray dog.

The council of the village decided that this was the best way to stop the evil spell that threatens the whole village. A few months after that, she got married.