A professional designer and mother of two daughters had this idea.

A new online service lets kids draw their own clothes and have them made into real clothes.

This idea came to designer, business owner, and mother of two daughters Jamie Newberry.

Jamie wrote in the post about how Picture This Clothing got started: “Once, during winter break, I made my daughter Zia a dress that she had designed herself. Zia fell in love with her and started telling everyone that she “carries her imagination!” Zia’s friends and classmates loved the dress, and so did their parents, who also wanted to “put on their imaginations.”

So, Jamie chose to start a business based on her idea.

The way it works is that parents go to the site, pick the size of the dress, and print out the samples that are shown on the site.

The kids then color and decorate the patterns the way they want to. Adults post pictures of the dresses they made on the site and ask for more.

The finished dress is sent to the customer in a few weeks.

The service is in the testing phase right now. Dresses are the only thing you can order. But Jamie and her business partners are making plans for other clothes, like T-shirts, skirts, pants, and so on.