The life of a soldier or sailor is not easy. They have to be away from their homes and loved ones for days. Their lives are always in danger, and they don’t get off work very often.

But recently, a US military Captain thanked her lucky stars that she could be there for a special moment in her daughter’s life. Captain Jane Renee Jr. Lund was given permission to surprise her daughter Bella at Camp Randall in Madison, Wisconsin.

Captain Lund worked in the US Army Reserve as a vet. She was sent to the Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan for almost six months. She got to the United States a week ago, and she just got to Madison about thirty hours ago.

Captain Lund was born in the Wisconsin city of Wausau. She went to school in Stevens Point for vet school and Madison for her Master’s. She said the last time she saw her daughter, who is 13 years old, was in April, around the time of her birthday.

The US Army Captain couldn’t believe that she ran into her daughter out of the blue. She wanted to hurry over and grab her daughter. She tried to make the moment special for Bella instead.

At the football game, the announcer called out Bella’s name and said that she was a big Badgers fan. He also talked a little bit about Captain Lund to help the audience learn more about him. Then, the Wisconsin Badgers’ mascot helped Bella wave to the crowd.

When Bella turned around to face her mother after a moment, Captain Lund ran toward her. Bella also ran to her mom because of this. Captain Lund reached out and picked up her daughter. In front of 80,000 people at the stadium, it was a magical moment for the mother and daughter.