The man didn’t come back home, so his family called the police.

Vasile Gorgash was reported missing, but 30 years later, he came back home without warning. He says he was in the room next door the whole time.

Gorgash was a farmer his whole life and bought and sold animals. He left the house early in the morning and walked to the train station so he could get to the farm in the village next door.

He also took this path on that mysterious day. But this time, the man didn’t come home, so the farmer’s family called the police right away.

For a long time, nobody could find the man. They were even forced to put it in the Interpol database so that the search could be made stronger. But no one was able to find Gorgash for thirty years.

After 30 years, the family has already moved on from the loss. One early morning, though, a car pulled up to the house. The farmer who had been missing for 30 years suddenly came out of it wearing the same clothes he had been wearing when he left.

But the train ticket that didn’t break was even more surprising. This shows that Vasile Gorgash never left the village.

Neither the police nor the farmer’s family could believe that he had been nearby the whole time and no one had seen him. The missing person says he was just in the next room, but it’s still not clear what this could mean.

Law enforcement and psychologists are going to talk to the farmer soon to find out more.