To have a full conversation with your imaginary friend, you need some creativity and a lot of youth. This little girl has the best time ever on a make-believe phone call.

If Oscars were given to babies, this Daisy would have won more than one. A young child picks up the hotel phone and has a full conversation because he or she is bored. She is the only person on the line, which takes a while to realize.

The acting is great, and there are just the right amount of pauses to make you think she was talking to a real person. In a sense, she was talking to her best friend who didn’t exist.

But what’s most amazing about the video is the way the people act. The way they move their hands and bodies points to something very strange. That means it’s likely that she has heard this conversation at home a million times.

No one knows if Daisy is imitating an older sister or her mother. Even when her dad comes in to tell her it’s time to go, everything about the fake seems to be just right.

The dad was so happy about this moment that he didn’t wait to share it on all of his social media. He probably laughed even more when he saw that his daughter had picked up some of his home habits. It was a fun part of a family trip, and I hope it will be one of many in the years to come.