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When a mom can’t get her noisy son to stop making noise, a police officer comes to her aid. He takes the boy to a “special place” to teach him a lesson he’ll never forget, but when the boy gets his police badge from him years later, things take a strange turn.

Officer Danny, 35, never felt tired or bored on the job. Being a cop has always been a hard job. Always. He could have chosen a different job, but when he went to the police academy, that all changed. Once he graduated and started to serve his country, service was more important than anything else, so he couldn’t pull the pin.

Danny’s way to help people was to keep working at that job, which he loved to do even though it put his life in danger. During his time in the military, he had seen people who were scared, angry, crazy, drunk, and those who liked to break the law just for fun.

But he had never met anyone like Hunter, a noisy ten-year-old boy he met at the grocery store a week before Christmas…

As the rain made silver streaks on the windshield, Danny sat inside the car and gently brushed his late wife Gaya’s picture. She told him about how the rain ruined their first date.

“The way you hid your face in my jacket when thunder scared you… And the way we kissed when it was raining!” Danny thought about her, and warm tears trickled down his cheeks as he did so. Then a cocky kid named Hunter came into the picture.

“Hey, kid, watch out!” Danny told the boy in a nice way not to touch the wing mirror with his umbrella. Hunter didn’t care and didn’t say sorry or even look to see who was inside. “Today’s kids! Haaaa!”

Children watch and copy everything you do and say, so be a good example.

Danny mumbled and ran to the grocery store. He went from aisle to aisle to find bacon and cheese. Every day after he did his job, he ran to the store to get canned beef with spices or, sometimes, fresh cuts to make burgers for dinner. It would sometimes be steamed rice with steak gravy. Just a box of pizza sometimes. Some days, Danny didn’t eat much because work kept calling him until late at night.

“And this one… and this one… and…” As Danny threw things into his cart, he was startled by a loud noise. He heard a boy screaming in the aisle next to him, so he went to check. When he got there, he saw Hunter, the boy he had just seen.

“Every time I ask, you always say no. This is what I want for Christmas. Do you plan to get it for me or not?” Hunter yelled at his mom, Susan, but she didn’t know what to do to calm him down. He yelled and then started crying right away.

“Hush! Can you stop it, honey? People are watching,” Susan told him with a hand gesture.
Hunter couldn’t calm down, though, and when customers came to see what all the noise was about, Danny rushed over to help.

“Hey, you! What went wrong? “Is everything okay?

Hunter didn’t seem scared when he saw Officer Danny, and he kept yelling at his mother.

“Mom, are you going to buy me this toy or not?”

Alright! So this is what you need to calm down, Danny thought, and he brought down the toy plane Hunter had asked for right away.

“Miss, I’ll pay for this one, all right? Have a happy holiday, young man!”

Hunter stopped yelling at this point. His eyes were filled with tears, but all of a sudden, they stopped. Even though he was happy and calmed down, he never took a moment to thank the officer.

Danny paid for his stuff and the toy he bought for Hunter, and then he went outside to wait for the boy’s mother. Hunter’s temper tantrum in the store made him realize that something was wrong.

Hunter and Susan walked out of the store a few minutes later, and as they were about to leave, Susan went up to Danny to thank him.

“I’m Susan. Officer, it’s nice to meet you. Also, thank you. The thing is, my son—” Susan stopped talking all of a sudden as tears came to her eyes.

“Yes, I had a question about him. Is there nothing wrong? “Why did he yell at you?”

Just a few minutes into their talk, Danny found out that Hunter’s dad had been killed in a hit-and-run accident not long before. Since then, Hunter’s behavior had changed.

Susan said, “I don’t know how to deal with him.” “I worry about what will happen to him in the long run. He misses his dad so much and is very sad about him being gone. Hunter gets mad and throws things for no reason. No one talked to him anymore. He used to be at the top of his class, but his grades have dropped.

“Hmmm… I get it… “I get it,” Danny said after giving Susan’s words a lot of thought.
Hunter’s current state of mind made him think of how crazy he was after his father died. Danny could understand how the boy felt, so he came up with a plan to help him. He knew he would have to go out of his way to help the boy get on the right track. He knew it could go wrong. But Danny was set on giving it a try.

“Miss Susan, do you have ten minutes to spare?” I want to go somewhere with Hunter.”

“Of course, sir!”

Susan was confused, but she couldn’t say no to Danny’s request, especially after he used the toy to calm down her son. Right after that, they got to the police station.

“Please wait here, Miss Susan. We’ll be back in a minute.”

“What? Where are we going?” Hunter asked Danny with worry as he walked into the station with him.

“You young man, you will see for yourself! Keep walking…”

As Hunter walked past the locked cells with prisoners in them, fear and unease crept into his nerves.

“Don’t you see them?” Danny pointed to the men in orange jumpsuits and started talking.

“This is what will happen to people who don’t want to learn and keep their grades up. This is how people’s lives look when they don’t have a goal. I had a plan, and now I’m a police officer. If I had gone wrong, one day I would have been behind those bars.”

“You see, life is like a finish line. If you cross that line, you win. No matter how close you are, you are still a loser. Young man, you can choose which side of the line you want to be on. But don’t forget that it could determine your fate.”

Hunter felt fear and unease as he walked past the locked cells with people in them.

“Can’t you see them?” Danny started talking and pointed to the men in orange jumpsuits.

“People who don’t want to learn and keep their grades up will end up like this. When people don’t have a goal, their lives look like this. I had a plan, and now I work as a cop. If I had made a mistake, I would have ended up behind those bars one day.”

“Life is like a finish line, you see. You win if you cross that line. You are still a loser no matter how close you are. You can decide which side of the line you want to be on, young man. But don’t forget that what happens could depend on it.”

Hunter’s wide-open eyes showed that he was getting scared. He knew that the boy needed this big dose of wisdom to get back on track. Danny just knew how to take care of the kid.

Later, he took Hunter back to his mother. When she saw the strange glow on her son’s face, she was shocked. But did that short time with the prisoners in the lockup really make him change his mind?

“I’ll take Miss Susan home now. You no longer have to be worried about Hunter. I promise he’ll be a good boy!”

Susan insisted that Danny eat with her and Hunter at their house, so he did. And as time went on, he liked the boy more and more. As Hunter moved into his awkward teenage years, he became Hunter’s guide in every way. Not only that, but he and Susan became good friends and began to get to know each other over time. They never planned to date or go beyond being friends, but they did want to be close friends for life.

Years went by, and one day, when Hunter’s name was called to get his badge, Danny, who was now a police captain, could not stop crying. Time seemed to have given Susan and him the answer to their prayers.

My boy, you did it… You made me proud!! As Danny stood up to talk to Hunter, 25, about his graduation from the police academy, he was thinking.

As Danny put the prestigious badge on Hunter’s uniform, the boy got down on one knee, took the microphone, and gave a speech that made everyone cry.

“When my father died, I felt like a lost lamb. “Before you came into my life and led me from darkness to light, I thought I had no purpose.

“You’re a great guy, and I’m proud to call you my mentor. You’ve been my second father, and it’s an honor to follow in your footsteps. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but I do know this for today and as long as I live: you are my biggest motivation. I love you, daddy! Can I call you by that name?

Danny couldn’t stop crying, so he hugged Hunter and cried on his shoulder as everyone else stood up and cheered. Susan looked up with tears of joy in her eyes and told her late husband, in her mind, how proud she was of their son.

After the graduation party, Danny, Hunter, and Grace went to the mall to do Christmas shopping. Hunter walked by the aisle and smiled when he saw the remote-controlled plane he used to like to play with as a child. He didn’t need one any more!