Even though 2020 was a terrible year, many news stories taught us what kindness and sacrifice really mean. This year also showed us many times how important it is to be brave.

It looks like these bravery, kindness, and sacrifice have been shown by more than just the people working in health care to stop the pandemic. Others have stepped up to help those who needed help. A 7-year-old boy from New Tazewell, Tennessee, saved his sister from a fire in December 2020. He is one of these good people. He didn’t think twice about putting his life in danger, showing everyone that there are everyday heroes who don’t get much attention.

Chris and Nicole Davidson were spending a normal night with their kids on December 8, 2020. The kids went to bed at 8:30 p.m., after dinner with the family. After the couple kissed each of them goodnight, they fell asleep quickly. A few hours later, Nicole Davidson woke up to the strong smell of thick smoke. Soon, the couple saw that their house was on fire and that the fire was quickly spreading to all the rooms.

Both Chris and Nicole Davidson used to be firefighters, which is good news. They knew they had to move quickly and decisively. Chris Davidson tried to put out the fire by himself so he could save his family. Nicole Davidson told WVLT, “He grabbed the fire extinguisher to buy me time to get the kids. I grabbed the boys because they were closest to the fire.”

The mother ran into the kids’ room and grabbed her 2-year-old son, Elijah. At the same time, she led out Eli, who was 7 years old. Eli had been living with them for more than a year. The couple ran into trouble when they tried to save their 22-month-old daughter, Erin. The little girl’s room was completely on fire. They couldn’t get in easily from the inside, and it was even worse that they didn’t have much time to think or plan.

Chris Davidson told CNN, “The smoke and fire were so thick that there was no way I could get to her.” “We went outside to get to her through the window, but I couldn’t reach her because there was nothing I could stand on.”

Eli Makes A Critical, Fearless Move

Chris Davidson tried to find a way into the room while Eli stood next to him, showing that he wanted to help and was ready to. Eli was small enough to fit through the bedroom window, and he was probably faster than his dad, so he could get into the room much faster than Chris Davidson.

Chris Davidson quickly picked Eli up and guided him through the window with his arms after he realized what was going on. When he got inside, the 7-year-old boy didn’t waste any time. He quickly grabbed his little sister and gave her to their dad. Soon after, he got to safety without getting hurt. Everything happened so fast it’s hard to believe.

Chris Was Very Proud Of Eli

Eli is a very special kid, and his bravery is something that his parents, neighbors, friends, and fans will not forget for a long time. Chris Davidson said, “We couldn’t be more proud of Eli.” “He did something that a man of his age wouldn’t do.”

Eli later said, “I thought I couldn’t do it, but then I said, ‘I got her, Dad.'” Even though I was afraid, I didn’t want my sister to die.” Erin’s survival was almost a miracle, considering how far the fire had spread. Also, about two dozen firefighters arrived minutes after Chris’s heroic rescue. If Chris had waited for them, they might not have been able to save the little girl.

When they got there, they found that almost the whole house was already on fire. The next day, when fire officials went back to the scene to look at what was left, the New Tazewell Fire Chief, Josh Miracle, said that nothing was left of the Davidson family home.

The Incident Has Only Recently Made The Headlines

Considering how bad this year has been, it’s safe to say that the family’s story is amazing, even if you don’t take into account how brave the 7-year-old boy was.

In 2020, money and emotions have been hard for many families, and the Davidsons are no different. They had to deal with the trouble of losing their jobs, but that wasn’t all. Nicole’s grandfather died not long ago, which was sad news for the whole family. Losing everything in the fire was more like the cherry on top of a terrible year. The family has had to start over from scratch.

Chris Davidson told CNN, “We lost everything we’ve ever had. We lived there for our whole lives. The fire also caused damage to our three cars.” “It’s terrible,” he said next. “We are broke. You’ve never been as humble as you are now that you don’t even have your own underwear.

Lucky for Them, Their Community Was There To Assist

Not long after the fire happened to the Davidson family, a GoFundMe campaign was started to help them. At first, the goal of the page was to raise $5,000, but it has now raised more than $340,000. Many people who know the family say that they deserve every penny of it because of what they’ve been through and how nice they were as a family before the accident. Over the years, the Davidsons have cared for 34 children, including Elijah, Erin, and Eli. Since then, Elijah and Erin have become their children.

At the moment, the Davidsons are still very sad about what happened, but they are trying to put their lives back together. Even so, they are very thankful that they are still alive. Nicole wrote in one of her Facebook posts on December 10: “I will always be so thankful that my family is safe. I’m sure that God woke me up.”

The Davidson family is very strong, that much is clear. Just when they’re glad that the terrible year is coming to an end, they lose a family member, their house burns down, and their little girl almost dies in the process. Lucky for them, though, they had Eli and a group of people who were willing to help.