Imagine that you had a great audition that made 23 million people look at you, but only one judge liked you. What’s your opinion?

Conor Scott gave a performance that completely blew my mind. Some people have said that his cover was just as good as the original. But on his audition, only one judge turned around.

If you move too quickly through this one, you’ll miss the most important lesson about how to “make it” in the entertainment market of today. Pay close attention if you want to get into the business.

Conor Scott’s talent is unquestionable. So why did the judges take so long to get around to all the acts? It wasn’t his talent that was holding him back.

The first problem was that he couldn’t join any of the teams because some of them were already full. Second, one of the judges didn’t think he was qualified to train Conor.

This young man and all of us can learn from this that talent isn’t everything. Persistence is even more important than talent. The key is to show up over and over again, not just once and be the best.