Most of us like to think of ourselves as warm, caring people who are always there to give a friend or loved one a hug when they need one.

Life can get in the way sometimes, and before we know it, we haven’t seen a close friend in months. The weeks fly by, and before you know it, you’re asking “Jesus, has it really been that long?”

After two 2-year-olds were filmed “reuniting” with each other after being apart for two whole days, the world went crazy over how much love they had for each other.

Even though it seems like a small thing, the video of the two “besties” has spread like wildfire on the internet. Not only is it very cute, but it also shows how much toddlers love each other.

Get ready for your heart to melt, because this one is a real heart-warmer!

Dad The video was shared by Michael Cisneros, the father of one of the boys, Maxwell. Even though they had only been apart for two days, Maxwell and Finnegan couldn’t wait any longer to hug.

Cisneros told ABC News that the two boys could not be separated.

“They always talk about each other when they aren’t together,” Cisneros said.

“They go to the weekly music event Dana Banana together, and they both love to dance. They are both great dancers.”

Yes, I’ve got tears in my eyes. Maxwell and Finnegan’s love for each other is a great example of how we should all love each other.

Toddlers who are best friends have a very special relationship. Their love for each other is limitless, and you can see it in the way they hug and greet each other.

When two toddlers who are best friends see each other after a short time apart, it can feel like they haven’t seen each other in years. When they see each other again, they are so happy and excited that they can’t help but give each other the biggest, most enthusiastic hug they can.

This kind of hug really shows how much they care about each other. They act like they can’t believe they’ll finally get to see each other again, and they want to make the most of every moment they have together.

In a world where adults often take their friendships for granted, it’s heartwarming to see toddlers show such pure and true love for their friends. It reminds us, no matter how old we are, how important it is to value and care for the friendships we have.

So the next time you see two toddlers hugging like they haven’t seen each other in years, take a moment to appreciate how beautiful their friendship is. It reminds us that our relationships with others can bring us joy and love, no matter how old we are.

Any parent or caretaker of a toddler can tell you that the friendship between two toddlers is a special one. It’s not unusual for these young kids to become best friends and never want to be apart from each other.

This is because toddlers are still learning about and forming their social relationships. They’re starting to understand what it means to be friends and how important it is to have someone they can count on and talk to.

Because of this, it’s not surprising that toddler best friends often have strong feelings when they see each other again after being apart for a short time. Whether it’s been two days or two weeks, the way they hug and greet each other shows how happy and excited they are to see each other.

This kind of hug shows how close the two friends are and how much they love each other. It’s also a way for them to show how they feel and catch up. It reminds them of their special bond and how important it is to be there for each other.

Even though it’s normal for toddlers to worry about being away from their parents and have separation anxiety, having a best friend can help ease these worries and give comfort and support. So the next time you see two toddlers hugging each other like they haven’t seen each other in years, think about how beautiful and strong their friendship is.