Peter worked hard at two jobs to help a friend and pay for college for his son. After doing something nice for a divorced woman and her kids, he hit the jackpot.

Peter was a hard worker with a good heart. He worked as a bagger at the grocery store and had just started a second job as a night watchman to help pay for his friend Dan’s medical bills and save money for his son’s college education.

Dan got sick recently, and his medical bills were getting higher and higher, so Peter decided to do what he could to help. Peter’s two retail jobs were hard, but he did them every day with a smile and a lot of energy.

One day, there were a lot of people at the grocery store because it was the end of the month. These were some of Peter’s favorite days. Yes, there was a lot to do and it was hard work, but there were always so many different people in the store.

“Have no fear, ma’am. “I can pay for the treats,” he reassured her with a smile.

Peter was especially interested in a young woman named Angela who was one of these people. She was with her two kids, and she seemed to be thinking about a lot of things.

At the cash register, Angela realized she didn’t have enough money to pay for a few groceries and snacks for the kids. She was sad, so she turned to her kids and told them gently:

“Sorry, my children. Mom can’t buy you sweets and snacks right now because she doesn’t have enough money, okay? “You have to give them back,” Angela told her.

The kids started crying, and Angela, who was upset, did her best to calm them down. Peter came over quickly to offer to help.

“Have no fear, ma’am. “I can pay for the treats,” he reassured her with a smile.

“Oh, no. Angela said, “You don’t have to.”

“I’m a dad, so I know what it’s like. Don’t be worried. “I’d be happy to,” Peter insisted.

Angela was thankful for the help Peter gave her. Peter was happy to see that the kids were happy and that Angela seemed a little less worried. The next day, Angela went back to the store to give Peter his share of the money back.

“No, ma’am. I was unable. Peter said, “I didn’t do it for a reward.”

“I really appreciate your kindness. It means a great deal. I’m getting a divorce, so things are a little hard for me right now. Even to pay you back, I had to borrow this money. So, I appreciate it a lot,” Angela said.

“I set up a crowdfunding account for you, and I’m happy to say it worked out great.”

“Listen, I understand everything. It’s the second job I’ve had. My friend got sick recently, and I’m trying to make money so I can help pay for his medical bills. I’m also still working on getting my kid into college. So, I get it. Peter said with a laugh, “Nothing is cheap.”

“Well, again, thank you,” she said with a smile.

“No problem. We all have to help each other as much as we can, you know?” Peter said.

Angela was moved by what Peter said, and she thought about them for a long time after she left the store. She thought that this man had his own problems, but he was still kind enough to help her.

The more she thought about it, the clearer it became that she wanted to help the nice man.

Angela decided to start a secret account to raise money for Peter. So, she wrote an encouraging post on Facebook about Peter that asked people to help raise money for him. Angela did a great job setting up the account, but no one replied at all.

She was sad and tired, so she went to bed with the hope that tomorrow would be better.

She was shocked to find $5000 in the account the next day, and the money kept coming in.

After two weeks, Angela went back to the grocery store with a present for Peter. She spent $200 on groceries and paid for them at Peter’s work counter.

Peter was glad to see Angela, and he was happy to see that she was getting food for her family.

“These food items don’t belong to me. “They belong to you,” Angela told Peter, who was confused.

Peter was confused and said, “I—I don’t get it.”

Angela gave Peter a check for $25,000 and said, “I set up a crowdfunding account for you, and I’m happy to say that it did really well.” Peter was in complete disbelief.

“I can’t believe it. This much money… is my salary for a year. Thank you! “Many, many thanks!” Peter yelled and cried with happiness.

Peter was kind, so he was able to save enough money for his son’s college fund and pay off his friend’s medical bills at the same time.