When their dad plays a song he wrote just for them called “My Paradise” on the guitar, these toddler twins start dancing. These girls are the same babies who took the internet by storm in 2012 when their dad played guitar and they danced in their high chairs.

The video of the identical twins, who are 19 months old, dancing was posted on YouTube by user Brovadere, who writes:

“This is a video of our 19-month-old twin girls dancing to their dad’s guitar. It’s incredible how they come up with their own dance moves. The song I’m playing is one I wrote especially for them:)”
The father of these two cute twin girls is an independent artist, according to his YouTube channel. He likes to write, produce, and mix music.

The twins turn the lounge where their fireplace is into a dance floor. They wear the same clothes, have the same hairstyles, and, of course, love the same music.

The video was posted almost seven years ago, so the twins are now in elementary school. However, we like to think that they still jam and hop when their dad pulls out his guitar and starts playing.

These girls are the same babies who broke the internet in 2012 by doing what they do best: moving to the music. The video is even more special because it shows how close twins are to each other. Just watch how they look at each other when the music starts, as if to say, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

A study done at McMaster University found that babies are more likely to smile when they hear music. These babies are easier to calm down when they cry than babies who don’t hear music. Also, babies who hear more music are more likely to be curious about the world around them. Because of all of these things, smart parents should introduce music to their young children.