“When my wife was dying, she told me in tears that her last wish was for me to water the flowers every day. I didn’t understand why until many years later, when I moved them. I started crying out loud because I thought it was a joke, but…”

Not many people are lucky enough to find a soulmate who will understand their pain and laugh at their jokes no matter how boring they are.

Phedre Fitton and her husband Nigel were married for a long time, until she died of cancer. Nigel was left heartbroken and had a hard time dealing with the loss of his wife. But before she died, she had one last wish. She wanted Nigel to take good care of the plants she kept in the bathroom by watering them often.

It goes without saying that Nigel did it every day. He never let a day go by without checking on them.

“They had been together since they were 16, and when she died, he was devastated. So, he did what she told him to do.” said her daughter Antonia Nicol.

Phedre was known for being funny and having a witty personality, but no one thought she would still make her family laugh after she died.

As time went on, Nigel would think of his girlfriend whenever he saw her beautiful flowers.

He would sometimes see water running down while he was watering the plants, but he didn’t figure out what she was up to until five years after she died, when he decided to move.

“They were so beautiful that he decided to bring them to his new house,” Nicol said.

He finally figured out that the plants were made of plastic. But he wasn’t angry at all. In fact, he was kind of glad that Phedre could say something so cruel and funny at the same time.

He asked himself why they still looked so good.

People think it’s cute that Nicol’s dad really did water the plants to fulfill his wife’s last wish.

“We laughed a lot about it, and it was nice to think that my mom was still with us,” Nicol said.

This made everyone in the family think back on all the fun things their mother and wife did while she was still alive.

Her personality was unlike anyone else’s, and she will always be remembered as a lovely woman who wanted to make those around her happy.