Wedding days are very special, both for the bride and groom and for the people who attend. Guests say that few couples are brave enough to take on this challenge, but the couple in the next video surprised everyone with their dance. Kyle and his wife danced at their wedding, and the guests were blown away by how well they danced together.

But just as it looked like the show was about to end, Nicole’s dad walked up to the dance floor and was asked to dance with his daughter. He did, and his moves impressed everyone. No one could say anything! The story went like this: All of the guests were in the room, and the bride and groom were called up to the mic. They smiled as they walked onto the dance floor in the middle of everyone. That’s when the music started playing, and the couple took some very impressive steps.

They seemed happy and full of energy, which was needed to do such complicated choreography. They had practiced a lot for this very full dance, which had mostly correct steps and a little humor. When everyone thought that everything had already been bought, the father of the bride seemed to leave his mark on this special day by walking a few steps with his beloved daughter. See Kyle and Nicole’s unforgettable wedding moment for yourself by watching the video below.