Jake stopped to help his neighbor mow the lawn, bringing his three-year-old son with him. The older woman was thankful for the help, and they started talking about life. Soon after that, he found out that the older woman wasn’t just grateful. She could do anything.

“When we get home tonight, buddy, we’re going to order pizza. How do you feel?” Jake asked his son Andy, who was playing with his tablet while sitting in his car seat. Jake sighed as the kid only hummed at his dad. They were on their way home from the child psychologist’s office, and he didn’t know how he would pay for Andy’s treatments.

A year ago, when his son’s mother died, it hurt him. Jake was so worried about his growth because he hardly ever spoke. His main caretaker suggested he see a psychologist, but Jake’s work insurance didn’t cover it, and each visit would cost an extra $2,000.

He sighed as he turned onto their street, but he slowed down when he saw Mrs. Nichols bending down and cutting her grass with a pair of gardening scissors.

Jake looked in the rearview mirror and saw that his son was still paying close attention to the tablet. “Hey, buddy. Why don’t we help our neighbor cut her grass?” He said this as he stopped the car in front of the house of the older woman.

“I don’t understand. What does my life have to do with that sale?”
Jake smiled when Andy finally looked up from his tablet. “Let’s go, pal,” he said as he got out of the car. He helped his son get out of the car, but they forgot to take his tablet with them.

“Mrs. Nichols! Do you need some help?” Jake asked as he held his son’s hand and walked toward the woman.

“Oh! Jake, dear. Are you sure? I have no idea how to use that stupid lawnmower.” The older woman smiled, and with one hand, she seemed to be holding her lower back as if it hurt.

“Mrs. Nichols, you could have called me. Even though we were in town today, I would have been happy to help,” Jake said with a smile. “I can’t find the lawnmower.”

“Darling, in the garage. How are you? Why don’t you and I have some cookies and sit on my porch?” The little boy said yes when the older woman asked him. Jake wasn’t sure, but he thought he saw a small smile when he said “cookies.”

Jake went to the garage to get the lawnmower while Andy followed the woman and waited for her to bring the cookies out to the porch.

Her garden was very overgrown, so it took a long time to clean it up. At one point, Andy came over and pretended to help. But he went back quickly to get more cookies.

Jake was startled when Mrs. Nichols tapped him on the shoulder. “Hi, Jake. “Even with all this noise, Andy fell asleep,” she said quietly. “What’s going on with you guys?”

“Oh, well. Mrs. Nichols, it’s not easy. The death of my wife was… terrible for him. Even at his age, he seems to understand a lot. Jake said, “We just got back from our first visit with a child psychologist.” He quickly told her about all of his problems, like how he couldn’t pay for the treatments.

“Can’t you find anyone to help you? Give you some cash?” Mrs. Nichols was curious.

“No. Everyone in our family is having trouble with money. Mrs. Nichols, these are hard times,” Jake said, and he finally finished his work.

“Thank you, sweetheart. Why don’t you eat dinner with us?” The older woman made the offer.

“No, ma’am. Andy is probably tired from the day because I told him he could have pizza for dinner tonight. I’m also tired, to be honest. You are always welcome, though. Call me when you need me to mow your lawn again.”

He got his kid, put him in the car, and they drove home, which was only five houses away.

Mrs. Nichols waved them off, but she kept her lips together the whole time.

A few days later, Jake got a call from a number he didn’t know, and when he answered, he frowned. “Hello?”

“Who are you?” “Jake Collins?” asked a man.


“Hello, this is Mr. “I’m Mrs. Nichols’s lawyer, and I’m helping her sell her house,” the voice said.

Jake’s eyes got bigger. “Oh, I had no idea she was moving.”

“Yes, well. Mrs. Nichols found a buyer at last, and the sale is going quickly. “I’m going to need your banking information,” the lawyer said with no nonsense.

“I don’t understand. What does my life have to do with that sale?”

“Why didn’t Mrs. Nichols tell you? She is giving you $100,000 from the money she made from selling the house. Like a “inheritance,” but she wants you to get it right away,” Mr. Cohen said. Jake’s mouth dropped open.

“I… that’s so kind of you,” he said into the phone, and then his doorbell went off. Mrs. Nichols was standing outside with a big grin on her face. Jake gave a sign that he was talking on the phone.

“It is, yes. Anyway, please send me the information as soon as you can so we can get the transfer started. The lawyer said, “Thank you,” and then hung up.

Before Mrs. Nichols could say anything, Jake walked right up to her and gave her a tight hug, crying. She gave him a long back scratch.

That day, they talked for hours, and Jake thanked her a lot. He also said he would come see her wherever she went, which made her laugh.

Andy’s treatment was paid for with the money, and eventually the boy began to get better. By the time he started pre-school, he could talk, laugh, and play with other kids. Jake knew that without Mrs. Nichols’ help, none of that would have happened.