Senior Singer’s 1975 Classic Brings Everyone to Tears
“She was the best stage leader we’ve seen on the show so far.”
Watch the golden buzzer audition of Evelyn Williams, who is 81 years old. When she starts to sing, she changes into a completely different person. She turns into a singing diva, and her beautiful voice fills the room. In no time at all, the judges are crying.

She sang one of the best songs ever written by Stephen Sondheim, which could only be sung by a woman her age who has lived. And she sang it with love, which made everyone cry, and Michelle Visage hit the Golden Buzzer. Even after everything, Evelyn thought she “could have sung better,” but everyone else thought she was great as she was.

Both the judges and the audience were moved to tears by the way she sang “Send in the Clowns.” She always showed how humble she was and was the perfect example of grace. The judges gave the talented great-grandmother a standing ovation, and she moved on to the next round.

“I never, ever thought it would happen. Everyone in the room stood up, which made me cry. It moved me so much.”

In typical “Got Talent” style, the 80-year-old contestant got herself together after crying and said, with a wry smile and glitter still in her hair, “I thought that buzzer was going to kill me or something, I’m going to hate going home now.”

The active retiree is very involved in charity work and loves fashion. She says she has been walking on a treadmill in her bedroom “every day for the last twenty-one years” to stay in shape.

Evelyn has been a widow for 7 years and has 6 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. She says she has always loved to sing. Evelyn said that she still misses her childhood sweetheart Noel even though he has been dead for seven years.

“My husband, I miss him like a limb,” she said. “He was a good person, a very good person. Used to love it when I sang for them. He had a lot of love in him. He was so kind to me and loved me so much. He would have been very happy with me.”