“The Time of My Life,” the hit song from the movie Dirty Dancing, has been sung in many different ways.

The song is sometimes played at weddings, parties, and other events, and once it starts, you can’t stop it.

But we’ve never seen a dance to this song on ice like the one you’re about to see.

Most professional ice skaters train for many years, and sometimes they train for a long time every day, seven days a week, to reach their goals.

But it’s all worth it when they walk out into the arena and everyone cheers for them.

And when you see these skilled skaters fall to the tune of “The Time of My Life,” you will get chills!

It seems like just yesterday that this song started to play on the speakers. The movie “Dirty Dancing” came out more than 30 years ago… but “The Time of My Life” is a song that will last forever.

In 1987, the song topped the charts and stayed there for a long time.

Even though Stefania and Ondrej no longer skate together, their routine from a few years ago is amazing, and we can always go back and watch their spectacular dance on the ice.

And that’s why this video has been back in the news and spread like wildfire! They make a great pair. There is too much chemistry on the ice to ignore.