Beckie Muncie, a 67-year-old woman from Bedford, Indiana, asked Christopher Hopkins to completely change her look. She thought that her whole life was a song. The music is sometimes in minor keys and sometimes in major keys. When you hear this, it’s clear that her life was full of ups and downs, which gave it meaning.

But she wanted to improve how she looked. But before the MAKEOVERGUY team could start changing her look, she had to tell her story. She started talking about her childhood and how she felt when her dad had a huge heart attack. She talked about being a teenager and about her sisters who sang.

Their group of singers had gone to churches and conventions to sing. All of her old friends still talked to her. Beckie always knew she wanted to be a music teacher. She said that she met her current husband when she was performing at her home church.

Soon, it was time to do a full body analysis of Beckie’s body, starting with her vertical and horizontal measurements. The MAKEOVERGUY team was now deciding how to balance Beckie’s different body parts to make her look perfect.

Hopkins thought Beckie’s jawline and forehead needed some shaping. For the eye, the team wanted to draw attention to the inside of the eye and the eyelids. Beckie wanted to look classic, well-dressed, and put together. MAKEOVERGUY knew exactly what the woman wanted and helped her get a makeover that made everyone gasp.

The lady was helped by Hopkins’s mother, who took an active role in the makeover. Hopkins’s team is the only one in the world that does makeovers to help lift and inspire women all over the world. Beckie thought she looked like a movie star after her makeover. She has never been happier.

Beckie said earlier that she thought her life was a song the whole time. But after her makeover, she felt like her life had moved up a notch. She liked putting on eye makeup, and her clothes were beautiful. She told Hopkins, “It’s nice to be beautiful on the inside, but sometimes it’s even better if it shows on the outside.”