It’s amazing what these two little friends have in common.

Children and animals always have special relationships. Maybe the purity of children makes animals not afraid of them and want to be friends with them.

In a short video, the Herring family is getting ready to leave after a canoe trip when a deer wanders into their front yard and comes up to their daughter Maya.

At first, they both seemed shy, but then a small deer got braver and came up to her, giving her a light touch to say hello. Maya was quickly amused by the deer’s cute actions, and she started to touch the deer’s nose and back.

They become close friends quickly, and Maya wants to show the faun everything!

They were having a great time together until her mother reminded her that it was time to go home and that her new little friend also had to go home to her mother because it was getting dark.

This cute meeting could turn out to be one of the best times of your life.

Both of them are very interested, and the scene is amazing and sweet. Their friendship really is worth a lot.

Without a doubt, this will always stay in this child’s mind.