Spouses Christopher has been with Annette for more than 30 years. They still love each other, and they have a good family. But as time went on, the woman stopped caring for herself. Caring for the family and home took all her strength, she simply did not care about her appearance. But Christopher was upset that his wife wasn’t taking care of herself, which made her look much older. Annette was willing to do anything to make her husband happy.

She said she would go to the stylist and get dressed. Even though she felt awkward and scared, she decided to change her style. Also, Christopher decided to change so that he could be like Annette. The wife got a trendy haircut, changed the color of her hair, and put on makeup that brings out all of her best features. Annette started to look younger, changed, and turned into a real beauty.

But when the two people met, something awkward happened. Annette was happy to see how much her husband had changed. The woman seemed to love him all over again. But Christopher wasn’t happy with the way Annette looked. He said that he had been expecting something very different. He thought his wife should be amazing. Annette couldn’t hide how sad and hurt she was, but her family was there for her. Because Annette did it for him, maybe they will force Christopher to change from being angry to being kind.