There have been many amazing performances of the National Anthem of the United States over the years. Most of them have happened at the start of big sports events. Some versions are well-known for their skill and delivery, while others are well-known for how awful they are.

Comedian, actor, and musician Jack Black gives his best rendition of the national anthem while standing in the middle of the court at the WNBA team’s arena in Los Angeles.

The whole time he sings, he looks up at the crowd. Almost every time he speaks, the crowd cheers him on with a loud “Whoo!” The crowd repeats everything Jack says, and it’s almost like a call and response.

He doesn’t move a muscle or try to be funny. Instead, he sings the anthem with power and perfection. Jack sings while wearing a T-shirt that says “L.A. Sparks” and holding a microphone to his mouth. At the end of a few phrases, he uses a rock voice, which is often heard when his own metal band, Tenacious D, plays.

At the end, he gets a lot of applause and holds the microphone up like a trophy while nodding his head and thanking the crowd. The whole show is done with reverence and perfect singing. Jack never takes the moment or the song too lightly.

Jack Black has been singing for a long time. Black is best known for his roles in hit movies like “Jumanji,” “School of Rock,” and “Shallow Hal,” but he is also a rock star. Tenacious D, his band, has won a Grammy for best comedy rock duo.

The group has put out four albums and a film called “Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny.” Jack Black is a performer with many skills. He is known all over the world for his comedy and music. Even though he usually plays to make people laugh, this version of the National Anthem is strong and moving.