People often judge others unfairly because they don’t know their story. This was true for Maria, who worked every day to give her son the best chance at a good life. One day, Maria showed that everyone had been wrong about her.

Maria had always had a hard time in life. She came from a poor family, and no matter what she did, she always seemed to end up with the worst of things. She worked hard all her life to give her son Aiden the best upbringing she could.

She worked as a cleaner for a company and often had trouble making ends meet. Maria worked for 12 hours every day so she could feed Aiden and take care of him. She sent him to a good boarding school in the suburbs when he was old enough.

“I’m going to work very hard so you can go to college. “Don’t worry, Aiden, Mom’s got you covered,” she told him before he got on the bus. Every chance she got, Maria made sure to write to Aiden.

Years later, Aiden did well in science and told her he had the chance to follow a doctor around at a medical office. He decided he wanted to be like that when he grew up. Aiden also told Maria that while he was job shadowing, he met a girl named Linda, and the two had started dating.

“Remember that even though some of us may have come from nothing, that doesn’t mean we can’t become something.”

It turned out that Linda was the daughter of another doctor at the office Aiden had gone to. “Listen, son, I don’t want you to get your heart broken. “But Linda’s family might look down on you because they are rich,” Maria wrote to her son.

“Have no fear, mom. She knows where we’re from, but she doesn’t care. She accepts me for who I am. “Don’t worry, I’ll show you,” Aiden wrote back. Aiden and Linda kept dating after high school and went to the same college.

When Maria met Linda, she understood why Aiden loved her so much. Linda was humble, so when she found out where Maria worked, she didn’t judge her. When Aiden told Maria that he and Linda were getting married, Maria immediately gave her approval.

Maria decided to celebrate her engagement and meet Linda’s parents, Hugh and Elizabeth, by having a party at a local restaurant.

“Maria, I don’t think that will happen. “My parents are very proud, so when they found out about Aiden’s past, they didn’t approve,” Linda said.

Hugh and Elizabeth finally gave Aiden their permission and agreed to pay for the wedding, but they were not happy about it. The ceremony was pretty fancy. Linda’s grandmother gave her a designer wedding dress, which she wore on her wedding day. Hugh had hired a well-known chef to cook for the wedding. The cake was huge.

Maria finally got to meet Hugh and Elizabeth, but neither of them was nice to her. When asked what degree she had, Maria said, “Aiden’s dad left me to raise him by myself, so I couldn’t finish my studies.”

“Well, we couldn’t have given Linda all this if we hadn’t worked hard,” Elizabeth said in a rude way. Hugh and Elizabeth had well-known businessmen from all over the city as VIP guests. When people asked who Maria was, they were embarrassed to say that she was the mother of the groom.

After the vows and “I dos,” it was time for the families of the groom and bride to speak. Hugh and Elizabeth were the first people on stage to congratulate the newlyweds. Then they showed Aiden and Linda their gift, which surprised them since Hugh had already paid for the wedding.

“We are so sorry. We’ve been bad to you ever since we met you.”

“We know you’re both looking for houses and that you’ll be moving in together soon. So we’ll pay for all of your furniture and appliances,” Huge said.

“Once you find a house, it will be completely set up,” Elizabeth said. The people there cheered when they saw the gift. Hugh and Elizabeth watched the reaction with pride. Maria was right next to the stage. Many of the guests began to whisper and murmur because they all thought the gift would be pretty cheap.

As Maria congratulated the newlyweds, she wiped away a tear of happiness. She didn’t care what people thought. Maria was very happy for her son and his wife. But what she said after that shocked everyone at the wedding.

“I worked hard and saved money all my life to pay for your college because I knew it would be expensive. Then you decided you wanted to be a doctor, and I thought, “Wow, that’s even more expensive,” Maria joked.

Hugh and Elizabeth were laughing at her, not with her, and she could tell. Before she went on, Maria reached into her purse and took out an envelope.

“It’s funny, but you got a scholarship to study medicine anyway, so you didn’t even need the money I saved. “Since you’re about to get your PhD and are getting married to this smart young woman, I thought there was no better way to congratulate you than to buy you a house,” Maria said.

The whole wedding party was shocked when Maria opened her envelope and gave Aiden and Linda a set of keys. Everyone stood up to cheer, leaving Hugh and Elizabeth speechless. Hugh and Elizabeth told Maria they were sorry when the ceremony was over.

“We are so sorry. We’ve been bad to you ever since we met you. We apologize for judging you. “You’ve shown us how amazing you are,” Elizabeth said to Maria.

“Just remember that some of us may have come from nothing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be something,” Maria said.

Aiden got his doctorate by the end of the year and started working as a doctor at Hugh’s office. Aiden told Maria she had to quit her job as a janitor. Hugh and Elizabeth soon did the same thing. Linda threw Maria a party for her retirement, and Aiden gave her a brand-new car as a thank-you for everything she had done.

Aiden and Linda soon had their own kids. Maria lived with the kids and helped take care of them. She and Hugh and Elizabeth were all happy to do this.