Colleen works as a server at Red Robin in St. Louis, Missouri. She has a big, kind heart, so her family and friends threw her a surprise party to show how much they love her.

Colleen thought she was making plans for a community event at the restaurant, but the party was really for her. Everyone was eager to do something nice for her.

Colleen’s friends and family say that she would give someone the shirt off her back if they needed it. Even though she has four kids, she still has time to help other people.

Greg and Fran went to Red Robin every day as a couple. Fran had cancer, and Colleen went to the hospital to see her often. Colleen set aside a day to remember Fran after she passed away.

Colleen also loves having dinner with her whole family on Monday nights. So they wanted to do it in the restaurant, but they couldn’t do it until she left. They told her to go run a few errands.

They not only flew Colleen’s daughter from California to the event, but they also asked her favorite band, Griffin and the Gargoyles, to play.

The last step was to ask some officers to act like they were going to question Colleen about fake money. Colleen was thrilled to see her daughter and the band when she walked into the party.