Sarah thinks that bees can help people get better and live longer.

Get ready to be shocked to the core. The photos of 45-year-old Sarah Mapelli Tink “blew up” the Internet.

People have already given her the names “lady” and “queen of bees.” Instead of clothes, she has 12,000 bugs all over her body.

Why does she act this way?

It looks very strange and scared, of course. Sarah thinks that bees can help people get better and live longer.

In 2001, she had such a strange hobby. She says that the bees make a special kind of energy that she can use to her own advantage. Bees help Sarah calm down and think.

She gets complaints from bugs, but as you already know, this doesn’t bother Sarah at all. Many people have strong feelings about a hobby that is so strange.

So, Sarah made a show out of her daily meditation. Before each show, she puts on a special oil that makes insects come to her. Then, she dances in front of the audience.

Slow music with smooth movements is used to make everything happen. Sarah says that when she dances, she is meditating.

The woman is sure that everyone in the room can feel this special energy. So, according to Sarah, everyone leaves there feeling happy and optimistic.

People all over the world like Sarah. People from all over the world want to see bees dance.

The bees are clinging to Sarah so tightly that you wouldn’t know she doesn’t even have a thin top on. Many people think this is real art, so they are very interested in it.