The luckiest thing for a parent is to catch their child’s first steps on video, which Olivia’s mom did in 2016. Olivia was caught on tape laughing really hard right before she took her first steps toward her mom.

Olivia is one of six daughters living in Texas with the Busby family. Five of them are quintuplets, which is even more amazing. Their older sister Blayke is four years older than Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley, and Parker. Adam and Danielle Busby run a popular blog called It’s A Buzz World, and the whole family stars on the TLC reality show Outdaughtered.

The quintuplets are now young kids and have been walking for a long time. But when their mom posted the video of Olivia’s first steps online in 2016, it went viral. It’s easy to see why, since the clip is so happy and is sure to make people smile.

First, we see the little girl having fun with her family and friends on a carpet, crawling around. Her mother, who is off-screen, is holding a small doll and using it to make her daughter smile. Olivia laughs and laughs with what her mom calls her “Santa laugh,” and she tries to stand up to get to the doll. When she stands she has her hands on her little round belly and then begins to waddle towards her mom. It’s a priceless moment that everyone wants to see.

Watch the video below to see Olivia and her mom: