Braving boogie woogie, lindy hop, and Solo swing dance styles is a great and effective way to get your heart rate up for: But the same thing can only happen when you see a talented and well-known dance duo light up the whole ballroom.

The sensational dance duo of Sondre and Tanya is one of these amazing and popular dance teams that can just swing around the heartbeat without any tension. This dance duo from YouTube is taking the stage by storm.

Sondre and Tanya have the popular and prestigious silver play button on YouTube, which sets the stage for their amazing and unique boogie-woogie dance numbers that move across the stage.

One of these jaw-droppingly fast floating dances helped the pair win first place at the World Masters in Frauenfeld, Switzerland. Sondre and Tanya’s dance routine shows that they have a lot of experience.

As the two dancers moved quickly and swayed to the music, creating a flurry of twirls, dips, and kicks, they quickly won over the whole competition crowd with their high-speed performance.

The quick footwork of Sondre and Tanya was more than enough for them to win the World Master. As more and more people see their amazing video of a boogie-woogie-inspired dance routine, the number of people who want to see it grows.

Their boogie-woogie schedule is an impressive and amazing sight, and the energy left in the dance hall was enough to power a city. Sondre and Tanya are still getting better at their footwork so they can be the best swing dancers together.