A man named Pasty Kerr once decided to dig a tunnel.

No one would believe, though, that he dug it up from his bedroom for more than 15 years.

It’s funny that it took his wife 15 years to find out about it.

It turned out that the woman slept so well that she didn’t even hear anything and didn’t think anything was up.

And only once did she open her eyes when her husband got out of bed and follow him.

In one of his interweaves, the man said that he had more than once planned to quit his project.

But he got too far into his last plan to leave in one night.

And it seemed hard to both stop digging deeper into it and keep digging deeper into it.

He said that his wife only slept when she took pills to calm down, and that she didn’t hear anything all night.

So, after 15 years of hard work, the man’s strange initiation would just work.

His plan didn’t work out, though, because the woman stopped taking pills.

She heard the noise one night and went after it.

To her great surprise, she found a narrow hole in the pub’s basement.

So Patsy’s plan became clear.

Then he had to tell everyone everything, even though he wanted to keep working on it.

Many people were interested in the case, and even the local government did something about it.