She’s only 11 years old. With just a few notes, the judges jumped out of their seats. Serena, from Pisa, was on stage at the Next Star talent show. She was only 11 years old. The lights started to flicker, which looked like rain. The crowd stood still, waiting. From the first time they heard her voice, the judges knew they were looking at a golden nugget.

During the show, they got out of their seats and cheered. The crowd was behind them all the way. There were always shouts of “bravo” coming from the hall. Talent shows of all kinds have always been popular with TV viewers all over the world.

At the end of the day, they can help you cheer up, relax, and just enjoy watching very talented and gifted people perform. And artists who are really good at what they do can become famous, popular, and known all over the world.

Taking part in a talent show can be thought of as a golden ticket that could lead to a happy life. People like this sometimes get on the stage of these shows and amaze not only the audience but also the judges with their skills.