Let’s face it, we have to watch a baby video when we see it. This is because it’s hard to say no to a baby.

Taveon Glenn, who is 20 years old, posted a video of his daughter Amira getting a bath. She has a very calm expression on her face, and the nurses are cleaning the baby’s hair very gently.

As her hair is being washed, his brand-new baby just laid back and chilled out. As the nurse rinses her hair and speaks softly to her, she closes her eyes and moves her mouth to show how much she enjoys it.

The warm water helps the baby relax as soon as they start, and you can see it in her face. Her father said that seeing Amira take a bath was one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen.

The video shows Amira only two days after she was born. Her Hebrew name means “Princess.” Since it was posted, more than 30 million people have watched this video. You’ll know why when you see the video.

Seeing this baby’s hair get washed for the first time was one of the most precious and beautiful things I’ve ever seen.