The Holderness family is known for making songs that everyone can relate to. Penn & Kim Holderness are also well-known for making their own music, song parodies, and skits that make fun of them.

Their silly songs are fun and funny, and they make people laugh. The Holderness family recently posted a parody of how singer Dave Matthews would talk about yard work.

For sixteen years, Kim and Penn have been together. The couple’s funny music videos about their almost seven years of marriage have gained them a million followers all over the world. Even their most recent song, “Yardwork,” is a copy of the way Dave Matthews sings.

The couple is great at telling stories and loves to share online with friends and followers what their family does every day. Kim and Penn live with their two beautiful children, Lola and Penn Charles, in North California. Sunny, the family’s dog, is also very cute.

Penn puts together a lot of songs by Dave Matthews. At the beginning of the song, he stands in the yard and plays the guitar. He keeps singing and doesn’t help his wife get rid of the weeds in the yard. The lyrics are simple and true to life, which makes the song more relatable to regular people.

Penn sounds a lot like Dave Matthews, and Kim’s face is hilarious. At the same time, the poor woman keeps pulling weeds out of the yard. She also picks up after the dog and spreads mulch in the vegetable garden while her husband sings.

In the end, Kim is so angry that she sprays her husband with the pesticide. But Penn gives her a smile back. In the last part of the song, Kim is having a hard time mowing the lawn while he sings funny lines. Penn rewrites the lyrics and gets Dave’s style just right, which makes this song stand out and be loved.