One dad in California decided to pick and choose the fights he had with his toddler daughter.

After he picked out three outfits for her and she turned them all down, he told his wife that he let the little girl decide what to wear for picture day. When the parents saw how the picture turned out in the end, they couldn’t help but put it online so everyone could see it. But they didn’t expect the answer they got.

Kaylieann Steinbach is a very special girl from Rocklin, California. You could even say she’s pretty great. She makes her own decisions, knows what she likes, and isn’t afraid to show it. She doesn’t let anything get in her way, either. The three-year-old showed that when she chose the best outfit to wear for her school picture. Her parents had no idea how important a school picture could be.

Austin Steinbach wasn’t upset when Kaylieann didn’t want to wear any of the three outfits he picked for school pictures. “I’ve always wanted her to be as self-sufficient as she could be,” he said. Kaylieann chose her own outfit, which turned out to be a Supergirl costume. But don’t worry, she also had the right accessory to go with the outfit.

“She walked up, looked at all of her options, turned, and said, “Pootergirl!” Huffington Post says that Austin Steinbach remembered. “Well, I couldn’t say anything against that answer.” So, the child smiled brightly as she sat with her “Pooterman,” as Kaylieann calls him…

Kaylieann looked so cute with Superman as her sidekick and the two of them in matching outfits. When her parents got her school picture, they loved how it showed how much Kaylieann loved superheroes. They were so proud of it that they put it online for their family and friends to see.

“Grandma! The pictures from school came back today!” Austin wrote next to the picture, which got the attention of a lot more people than just the girl’s grandparents. As the photo got more and more attention, it became clear that little Kaylieann was much more than just the inspiration for her unique outfit, Fox 40 reported.

Yes, Kaylieann is crazy about superheroes. Austin wasn’t surprised that she picked that costume because she wears it to school all the time. He said, “I love it when she wears these.” So, her outfit wasn’t at all a surprise. But definitely something else did.

The 3-year-outfit old’s went viral, and her picture was shared all over the country, which surprised her parents. It seems that a lot of other people also thought it was very cute. “It still blows my mind. Jami Steinbach, her mom, said, “I still can’t believe what’s going on.”

Still, the picture has gotten a lot more than just laughs. “It’s amazing how the deaf community has responded and turned out,” Austin said. “I still haven’t been able to read all of the kind words and messages of support that people have sent me. I never would have thought that her picture would have moved so many people.”

That’s right, Supergirl’s parents got a lot of help from the deaf community very quickly. The little girl from Rocklin is 75 percent deaf in both ears. Because of this, it’s hard for her to hear and say the letter “S” correctly, so she often says “Pooterman” instead of “Superman.” Still, Kaylieann is an inspiration because she shows that “being deaf isn’t always a disability,” as Jami put it. “You can still go out there and be yourself and think of new ideas.”

In fact, the outfit just shows that brave little Kaylieann is a real-life superhero. Even though some people would say that Kaylieann is facing an unfair challenge, she still proudly shows her confidence and individuality. This shows that a so-called disability can be all about how people see it. She isn’t getting down because of her “struggles.” We might all have something to learn from this amazing girl.