Denis, a diver, was doing his usual job when a miracle happened.

He and his team were asked to look for a missing person.

After a fisherman went out to do his two-hour job every day and didn’t come back.

His wife called the police because she was in trouble and needed help.

The man was with his “Seaser,” a small white boat.

So, when Denis got there, his team was already ready to go on the rescue mission without him.

When they went to the bottom of the ocean, a dolphin came up to him…

Since they didn’t have time to think, the diver didn’t think about the she-dolphin.

But the dolphin started to act strangely, as if she were trying to tell them something important.

So, Denis couldn’t stand it any longer and left his team to follow the wild sea creature.

The confused dolphin was very worried about something very important.

Even though the diver didn’t know what was going on, he followed her in the hopes of finding something.

He felt a little uneasy for a while when he realized that they went so far that there was nothing but dark, cold water in front of them.

But he saw a white boat that had sunk in front of them.

Denis was shocked!

The fisherman was actually on his way back home when a strong wind hit and sank his boat.

A pocket of air had formed, which helped the man breathe.

When the dolphin came, the helpless man was yelling for help, and it seemed like the dolphin knew what was going on.

So, the man was saved because of a wild sea animal.

Everyone in the office was shocked by this true story.