Meet Pooja Ganatra, an Indian woman who has always been the center of attention in her country.

Since she was young, the girl was proud of how different she looked.

Everyone thought she was white even though she looked different.

But now she is very proud of how she looks, what color she is, and how smart she is.

This 24-year-old woman says that both of her parents are Indian, but she has light skin, blue eyes, golden hair, and freckles.

She says that ever since she was a child, people have said bad things about her because they think she’s sick.

Pooja also says that genes are important. She thinks that she looks the way she does because of her ancestors…

Atavism is usually a condition that happens when genes don’t do anything for a long time and then suddenly do something for the next generation.

She also talks about a good thing: when she speaks Hindi, the locals treat her like a star.

People also start to treat them like tourists and think she is a traveler.

Pooja says that Indians like to ask to take pictures with people from other countries.

So, as she said, “more than 100 times,” she was asked to take pictures.

Then she turned around and said, “Don’t worry, I’m just like you.”

The woman also said she would like to take a DNA test to learn more about her family history.