Drake Grillo is not like other young children because he is brave. He lived in a small town where the annual basketball game was the biggest event of the year.

The game was always played at the town’s stadium, where thousands of locals came to watch.

One year, right before the game started, the person in charge of the national anthem found out that the person who was supposed to sing it had gotten sick and would not be able to do so.

In a panic, they asked the crowd if anyone knew the anthem and could sing it in front of the whole stadium.

Drake’s mother taught him the anthem when he was 3 years old. Drake had always been a shy and quiet child.

He stepped forward and said he could sing it right away.

Drake was just a little boy, and the song was hard to sing in front of such a big crowd.

Drake was determined, though, and kept saying he could do it.

As Drake walked onto the field, everyone in the stadium stopped talking.

Everyone was amazed at how brave this little boy was to step up and sing the anthem, even though he was clearly nervous.

But when Drake started to sing, everyone was amazed by his beautiful and strong voice, which came from his small body.

He sang with a lot of feeling, and the crowd joined him in singing the song.

It was a one-of-a-kind event that brought everyone together.

When the anthem was over, the crowd cheered and applauded Drake, who had become the star of the show.

Drake stopped being the shy, quiet boy he used to be after that day.

He had become more sure of himself and shown everyone that he could do something amazing.

He had not only sung the national anthem in front of a packed stadium, but he had also brought the whole crowd together in a moment of patriotism and pride.