I was very overweight when I was in elementary school, and I didn’t want to lose any weight at all. I was an outcast because I had no friends and no one loved me. The worst thing they did was call me “fat.”

When I read about children who are overweight, I feel sick and uncomfortable because I didn’t learn how to deal with this until high school.

This happened to a girl named Jessica Leonard. She was a lot heavier than her peers. She was morbidly obese, and her body was deformed because of her weight.

Jessica, age 8, was so fat that her mother felt helpless and sent her to an obesity camp. There, the girl was taught how to live a healthy life and keep to rules.

At school, people always called her names, insulted her, and picked on her. After the camp, her life was never the same again. She was thin and beautiful in a way that most people could only dream of.

Before she went to camp, Jessica ate so much that her legs could no longer hold that much weight. She felt awful, and many times her life was ruined.

Her mother decided to stop the little girl’s need to eat all the time, so she cleaned up her diet. When Jessica got back from camp, she was so happy that she had made it through this terrible time in her life.

She ate so much that her breathing machine was already having trouble. But after working hard for a few months, Jessica was able to get out of this mess.

She feels great now! Jessica has changed a lot for the better, as you can see.

She lost 320 pounds without having surgery. This is a great outcome!