Here are the actress Roberts’s grown-up children, and this is how they look now.

Not only is Roberts a successful Hollywood actress, but she is also a caring mother of three kids who are now in school.

The woman’s oldest heiress goes to a private school, where she is a great student who loves to learn new things. She has already been in a couple of movies. And the young girl’s dream is to become a well-known model.

Finneas, who is Hazel’s twin brother, hasn’t decided yet what he wants to do for a living. Henry, on the other hand, likes music.

Julia is a very caring and driven mother, but she is also a pretty strict parent. She doesn’t let her kids sign up for social networks and they are often seen in public, which gets the paparazzi’s attention.

The legendary spouses don’t often share photos of themselves with their fans, but a recent photo that made people cry was so touching that no one could ignore it. Her fans were thrilled to see such a lovely family right away.

On Mother’s Day, they posted a picture of the whole family, which made their fans happy.

They are so sweet!