Kathy Garner has been a grouch her whole life as an adult. At school, kids teased her, and she was very self-conscious about how she looked. When she was a teen, her clothes were already 3XL. The size of her problems was about the same.

Kathy never got ready for gym class with the other girls in the locker room. She did it in a place where she was alone. Before 2016, Cathy and eating well were two things that didn’t go together. She ate ready-made pizzas, ready-made meals, and fast food.

The girl said that there was a time when she couldn’t remember the taste of some vegetables and fruits because she hadn’t eaten them in a long time. Katie’s grandfather died in 2015 because he was so fat that it hurt his health. A few years ago, her grandmother went blind because she had diabetes, which was also caused by being overweight.

When Cathy thought about what someone else had been through, she knew she had to do something. No, she had tried to “lose weight” before, but none of those attempts worked. Then she took herself on with all of her heart. Katie joined the group of people who want to lose weight.

She had already lost half of her original weight after 1 year and 1 month. The girl was surprised when a modeling agency called her and asked if she would like to work with them. Katie is almost unrecognizable now. It’s hard to say that the old fat person has anything to do with her!

You can use this girl as a good example. She is a living example that anything is possible. The most important thing is to set a goal for yourself and work step by step toward it!