Elizabeth Bautista Boyd was surprised to find her dad waiting for her in the parking lot of her workplace one cold winter morning.

Elizabeth’s dad drove to Muskogee, Oklahoma, early in the morning to make sure he was in the parking lot of his daughter’s company before she got there. The streets and sidewalks had frozen over the night before, so her dad got up early to get some de-icing salt and sprinkle it on the ground to make a safe path for Elizabeth from her car to the front door of the company.

“You guys… “THIS IS MY FATHER,” said Elizabeth.

“He drove to my workplace and waited for me to get there so he could pour salt from my car to the front door of my building so that I, his 38-year-old daughter, wouldn’t slip and fall on the ice…
My heart y’all… Love you daddy.”

This simple but sweet way a father showed his love for his daughter has moved a lot of people online.

“You will always be their child, no matter how old you are. “That’s love in its purest form,” said Cynthia Anne.

“What a good thing! My dad would pick me up because he had 4 wheel drive and take me to work because I am a nurse and couldn’t be off.
I really miss that man!” wrote Deb D.

Norma P. wrote, “A father’s love for his daughter.”

“Thanks a lot. “I miss my dad so much, and just for a second, this made me think of him,” said Missy M.

“? “My dad would do something like this,” Erin W. said.

“You have a great “Daddy,” and you are so lucky to still have him at 38. While you are still young, treasure him, spend time with him, and tell him you love him… I am sure you do. “Thanks for the beautiful story,” wrote Sheila A.

“What an awesome father. No matter how old they get, your kids will always be your babies!” Kirby D. wrote

“This is the nicest thing I’ve seen in a long time. “Take care of that dad!” Kathy H. wrote.

“Every girl needs a father like yours. I did. Brenda H. wrote, “I still miss him.”

“I used to work nights as a nurse at a local hospital, and when it snowed or iced over, I’d come home to find my dad scraping the snow and ice off my car. Jeanne S. said, “I miss him.”