The girl, who is two years younger than her mother, was born in the United States.

The baby is one and a half months old now, but the embryo it came from was frozen 27 years ago.

And this is the most ever!

At the photo shoot, Molly, her mom, dad, and older sister all made the front pages of newspapers all over the United States.

After a long battle with infertility, the Gibsons don’t try to hide that fact.

They were able to have daughters because people gave frozen embryos to a non-profit group that planted them, says Tina Gibson.

Emma was born first. She had been in the test tube for 24 years, which was the longest time of any healthy baby born from a frozen embryo.

Tina said she often thought her daughter could be the same age as her.

Tina said, “Wow, if this embryo were born when it was supposed to, we could be best friends! This is so cool!”

Parents decide to have a second child three years later.

The non-profit group that helped them find donors said that Emma was frozen with her genetic sister.

The baby was healthy when she was born, and right away she beat her sister’s record.

Parents say that they don’t set records, but that they just love their daughters forever.

And the group that helped them have babies is proud to say that more than a thousand babies were born in the United States because of them.