When a person walking by saw a man in a wheelchair who couldn’t cross the street because of the snow, he got out of his car and came to help clear the way.

People who live in places that get a lot of snow know how slippery, wet, and full of snow the sidewalks can get in the winter. This can make it hard for people who like to walk because their shoes get wet. It can also make it nearly impossible for disabled people, especially those in wheelchairs, to get around.

Troy Jodrie was at a crossroads in New Minas, Nova Scotia, when he saw a car quickly stop across the street and a man jump out with a snow shovel. Snow had piled up on the sidewalk next to the street, blocking the entrance to the street. This was probably caused by a snowplow that had been clearing streets the night before. A man in a yellow jacket and a mobility scooter was sitting in front of the wall of snow, not sure how he was going to cross the street to get to his destination.

“This afternoon in New Minas, I saw a car pull over very quickly,” Troy said.

A kind man stopped his car and got a shovel out of his trunk. He then started clearing the path for the wheelchair-bound stranger right away.

“The driver got out of his car, grabbed a shovel from the back, ran to the snow-covered sidewalk/crosswalk, and started clearing it for a man in a mobility scooter who couldn’t get across.”

Many people online have been very touched by this man’s kind act. Anyone who has been in a wheelchair or helped someone in one knows that he would not have been able to cross the snowbank by himself.

Linda B. wrote, “Thank you for making a difference in this man’s life.”

“Look, everyone, there are still good people in the area. “Thanks to the man who did this,” Tristan B. wrote.

Elaine M. said, “Bless his heart, this world has some wonderful people.”

“God’s love shines through this one-of-a-kind man!! said Marie S.

Tessa L. wrote, “This is great! Thank you to the kind man who did this.”

“That man was so nice, and it’s good to see that people still care about each other,” said Donna W.

“What an amazing world!” said Nilda P.

“It’s great to start the day with something good in the news. Bravo,” Dave M. wrote.

“IT’S NICE TO SEE that people are kind to each other. “God bless them,” Daphne C. wrote.

In this world, there are so many wonderful and kind people. Let’s never forget that.