The well-known French actor Gerard Depardieu had a hard and dangerous childhood.

His life was in danger even before he was born because his mother wanted to end the pregnancy.

Depardieu’s parents were simple farmers with a low income who already had two kids.

They knew that it would be even harder to feed themselves if they had another child, so the mother decided to kill the baby by sticking knitting needles into her stomach.

Even with all she did, the child lived.

Because of this heavy load, the actor’s father drank a lot.

So, when Gerard was 14, he ran away from home and got into a lot of trouble.

But Depardieu was able to see the chance that fate had given him.

He and a friend took acting lessons by accident, which helped him become the most famous and well-paid French actor.

The fact that Depardieu had a hard childhood and overcame problems shows how strong and determined he is.

Even though Gerard Depardieu had a hard life growing up, he was able to rise above it and become a very successful actor.

His story gives hope to people who may be going through similar problems. It shows that with patience and determination, anyone can overcome even the hardest problems and reach their goals.