Unemployed Akkaisha Green had to borrow a lot of money from friends and family to pay for her two sons’ college. When she went to an ATM to get a government benefit one day, she saw a bag full of $5,000 and $1,000 bills. It was a great chance to get out of debt and make life better.

Akkaisha knew that this money would change her life, but she decided that she had to give it back to the bank. At first, the people who worked at the bank didn’t believe that the girl had good intentions, and they were shocked by how honest she was.

After giving the money back, Akkaisha forgot about the whole thing until the bank called her a few weeks later. The woman did a good thing, so the company decided to thank her by giving her 1,200,000 Jamaican dollars, which is about $9,226 US dollars.

Akkaishi used $1 million to pay for his sons’ schooling and debts, $100 000 to buy a new fridge and other appliances, and the rest to pay for food stamps.

Now, a mom in Jamaica doesn’t have to worry about how to feed her kids and pay the bills. Akkaisha is happy that her kids will go to school, and she’s also thinking about going back to school to get a certificate she couldn’t get when she was younger.