All her life, Jordan was sure that her ears were the first thing to get sick when she had allergies.

Sounds have always been soft and quiet in the girl’s world, and she soon realized that hearing wasn’t one of her best skills.

It’s important to note that she’s used to this and didn’t notice this fact.

Jordan went to see a therapist when she felt like she was getting sick. The therapist immediately sent her to an otolaryngologist.

The expert decided right away that the problem shouldn’t be solved by going outside.

But while she was waiting for a pill or the usual advice to drink lots of water and rest, the doctor surprised her. The girl had something in her ear.

With tweezers, the doctor carefully took it off, and the blogger saw the greetings from 1999.

It turned out that a piece of the ear tube that the doctor put in when Jordan was young to treat otitis media had stayed in his ear.

The piece was supposed to come off on its own over time, but something went wrong.

Jordan couldn’t hear well for 22 years because of this, because it blocked the ear canal.

She had no idea that something like this would happen. She finally chose to keep the pipe as a memento.