On Easter Sunday of 2008, an African-American family from the city of Jackson gave birth to an unusual girl. She was called Ava. The baby’s parents knew there was something wrong with their daughter from the moment she was born.

The girl’s eyes were greenish blue, and both her hair and skin were white. Albinism is a genetic disorder that doctors found in Ava. Albinos are people who look different from everyone else. The doctors also told the baby’s parents that there were problems with the way her eyes worked, which could soon cause her to lose her sight.

Ava went to a school that taught blind kids in a special way. But luckily, by the time the child was five, the problem with the eye apparatus was gone for good. This wonderful albino girl is now going to a regular school. Ava also likes to play sports.

She did running and gymnastics. In addition, the unique appearance provided the girl with an excellent opportunity to work in the modeling business. Already at the age of eight, the beauty of this child attracted the attention of many photographers and designers.

Ava was on the front covers of BOOM, VIP, and Denim magazines. The girl got very famous. She was even asked to attend the 2016 Music Video Awards. The young model and Beyoncé were both seen on the red carpet. Ava was also in the video for the song “Lemonade,” which was filmed. In the modern world, their differences don’t scare people away, and in fact, many people are drawn to them.