Grandfathers often want to give gifts to their grandchildren that are both unique and useful.

One grandfather, Dug Hayes from Gladstone, Oregon, got his ten grandchildren the perfect gift: a school bus.

The grandchildren all live in the same city, which is south of Portland. They are all close to each other.

Dug wanted to spend more time with his grandchildren, and Amy, Dug’s wife, found out that the kids didn’t have a way to get to and from school.

It took the grandchildren half an hour to get to school from where they lived.

Amy suggested to her husband that he take the kids to school every morning, and Dug liked the idea.

But it wasn’t easy to find the right bus.

Dug wanted to buy a small, but roomy, car that was in good shape and didn’t cost too much.

After a while of looking, Dug found the right minibus.

A local auto shop painted the car to look like a real school bus, and the words “Dedushkin Express” were added to the side.

On the day the bus came, the whole family got together at Dug’s house for a party barbecue.

The gift made the kids and their parents happy, and they all posed for pictures in front of the bus.

Now that the holidays are over, Dug’s grandchildren are looking forward to going back to school on a private bus driven by their beloved grandfather.

This gift is not only useful, but it also gives Dug more time to spend with his grandchildren, making it the perfect present.