Richard has been playing sports since he was a child.

Richard Sandrak was named the most powerful young man in the world. He left his home in the United States about 15 years ago.

Richard has been playing sports since he was a child.

And by the time he was eight, he had lost more than 15 kg from his chest.

At age 11, he was 24 kg!

Now that the man is 24, it is hard to call him an athlete.

He was called “little Hercules,” and he was often asked to take part in contests, TV shows, ad shoots, publications, and even movies.

Richard and his family moved to California so that his son could find out everything about himself.

The child’s father, who used to be a world champion in combat sports, kept an eye on his training, nutrition, and food.

The man is often punished for beating up his son and putting him under too much stress.

When Richard was 11, his father hurt his mother, so he called the police.

He got a prison sentence for hitting his girlfriend.

The boy stopped talking to his father, and he was no longer in sight.

He still trained for a while, but it got less and less.

They tried to make it seem like I was a disaster.

Still, I wasn’t the only young man who got great results from training hard.