When a man got home one night, he saw a ginger cat in the hall. James thought it was one of the neighbors’ pets, so he just shut the door and left the cat outside. The cat came, though, the next day and the day after that.

Bowen looked at the fluffy and didn’t find a collar or a dog tag on it, but he did notice that the poor thing had hurt its paw and needed help.

Then James decided to help the cat himself. Bob had named the cat after a character in the mysterious TV show Twin Peaks who stood for evil.

“It’s well known that cats are picky and picky. They decide who they will love. If a cat doesn’t like its owner, it will leave and find someone else.”

James found inner strength when he met someone who was in an even worse situation than he was. He fixed the cat’s paw and got rid of the fleas that were making the cat sick.

Bob didn’t even think about leaving like his freedom-loving brothers did. Instead, he went with James on his tours to Covent Garden and sat proudly and calmly on the musician’s shoulder during performances.

Bowen concerts started to get more people, who were happy to record videos and put them on YouTube. Fans of James (and Bob!) started coming to the garden just to see these two.

After Bowen was interviewed by a local newspaper, he decided to write a book about his fateful meeting with Bob and met the person who would become his literary agent.

The simple story spread all over the world. “A Street Cat Named Bob,” which James wrote, has been translated into many languages, from Russian to Japanese.