The couple bought an empty building and used it to keep animals.

One Hungarian couple decided to start from scratch and build a farm where a building had burned down.

The couple bought an empty building and used it to keep animals.

They fixed up the building themselves, and they now control how much money they make and keep from their farm.

Karina Kremer and Norbert Fogarasi, who are married, decided to move to the country and start a farm.

On the edge of the town of Siklos, they found a house that was almost completely broken.

They thought the house could be fixed up after seeing it.

They were happy with how friendly the village was, which was 14 km from Siklos’s old city and administrative center.

There were only nine people there.

Norby is a professional who has proven himself to be a great builder of the golden hand.

He used to fix up wooden houses, which helped him fix up other houses.

So, the woman thinks that soon the farm will be able to supply all of the people in the area with 100% organic food.

Two men started the farm not just for themselves but also to help other people.

They are happy to help young farmers and share what they have learned.

Karina and Norby did everything in the house except work on the electricity.

Water pipes were also fixed by partners.

Since there were no pipes on the property, the owners made their own system for getting water.

The well is dug, and clean underground water flows out of it. This water is used to flush toilets, wash clothes, clean, and water plants.